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Hal was born and raised on Long Island, New York on a steady diet of rock n’ roll. He spent much of his teenage years standing in front of the mirror trying to perfect the moves of his rock heroes  Axl, Mick and Iggy. At seventeen, he picked up his first camera and never looked back.

He began shooting concerts and live events professionally in 2001. He’s seen bands play night after night and has always managed to capture the minute, magical differences that set each performance apart. He’s always on his toes, ready to capture that gesture, that smile, that moment of genuine joy. Much like concerts, weddings are spontaneous events full of fun, excitement, and feeling. Using his signature documentary approach to photography, Hal works with each couple to capture the unique love and energy of the day.

His warm and buoyant personality radiates through the camera, eliciting the best from whomever he is shooting.  His unobtrusive style captures the natural beauty of the moment, whether it’s a look, a kiss or an  exuberant cheer.  He finds the light and the pure emotion, rendering these moments into an everlasting document of the your most amazing day.

Please contact Hal to find out more about his photography and to tell him about your wedding.